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Unveil optimal routing and site selection.
Estimate project cost interactively.
Navigate regulatory complexities.
Expedite project timelines.
All with Pathfinder.

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Seamless workflow from feasibility studies to stakeholder engagement – all within a collaborative geospatial framework

How Pathfinder (by Gilytics) works - scheme
How Pathfinder (by Gilytics) works - scheme
  • Geospatial
  • Technical
  • Environmental
  • Socio-economic
  • Regulatory
  • Satellite/drone images
  • Cost

Unlock streamlined, automated project management with our bespoke technology Pathfinder. Benefit from efficient project management through role-specific tasks and collaborative SaaS interaction

  • Results in minutes vs weeks/months
  • 50+% saving on project management
  • Enhance stakeholder engagement
  • Support decision-making
  • Fully digitized planning process
Affordable and clean energry
Industry, innovation & infrastructure
Sustainable cities and communities
Climate action
deadline calendar icon

Struggling to meet project timelines?

Leveraging comprehensive automation, Pathfinder transforms time-consuming calculations into a swift process, delivering results in seconds. This efficiency significantly enhances project performance, with up to 50% faster execution. 

different paths in scenarios

Need to expedite the evaluation of alternative scenarios?

Our bespoke technology and SaaS Platform allows for quick evaluation and differentiation of various route options, effectively navigating the complexities of technology choices and regulatory constraints. The ability to quantitatively compare route alternatives and provide path analytics for KPIs greatly streamlines the decision-making process.

group discussion and communication icon

Face challenges with inefficient communication and transparency?

We transform the way you collaborate with stakeholders. With enhanced communication channels and tools for quick conflict resolution, our solution fosters effective dialogue. Pathfinder SaaS brings a new level of transparency, including the ability to post geo-comments directly on project maps.

Budget control scheme

Seek better control over your cost estimates?

Pathfinder offers multiple and custom cost calculation models, including CAPEX, cost per layer, and kilometre, environmental and other custom cost models. Designed for precision, it provides flexibility to generate more accurate financial forecasts, thereby minimizing the risk of budget overruns and cutting down project planning costs by more than 50%.

Social impact

Have to deal with social opposition & NIMBY syndrome?

By utilizing 3D interactive navigation, Pathfinder allows you to visualize projects in their actual environments, greatly improving understanding and perception. We further reinforce this by prioritizing transparency throughout the project lifecycle, keeping stakeholders informed and involved.

Bridging teams across your organization

From feasibility study to stakeholder engagement. Discover how Pathfinder cultivates a collaborative environment, addressing every team’s unique challenges

Leadership & finance, project management

  • Simplify and automate complex, slow, inefficient manual infrastructure planning processes
  • Improve precision in cost projections and budget management
  • Streamline coordination and approvals at different project stages
Finance and cost report


  • Automate optimal routing or site selection and reduce planning times
  • Easily manage multiple technical parameters and regulatory complexities

With Pathfinder’s rapid scenario generation and analytical capabilities, engineers can swiftly compare alternatives, gaining comprehensive insights that cut down on months of evaluation into seconds and minutes.

Engineering, Pathfinder settings
Pathfinder scenario settings

GIS data analyst

  • Easily set up planning rules and compliance
  • Speed up the creation of scenarios and alternatives for comparison
  • Add your own data & selected databases to gain data-driven insights
  • Add data from Gilytics geodatabase

Our GIS layer classification and interactive tools bridge the data utilization gap, fostering strategic decision-making without the need for additional software

Working with geo data
Pathfinder data import

Environmental management

  • Easy modelling of regulatory compliance and planning rules
  • Help planning teams meet project timelines and enhanced performance
  • Simplify complex environmental assessments of proposed sites and linear alternatives

Leverage Pathfinder powerful geospatial data analysis tools to streamline the evaluation of environmental factors, enabling a more efficient and accurate assessment process

Geoprocesses for environmental analysis
Data analytics and reporting

Stakeholder engagement & communication

  • Increase transparency & communication with stakeholders
  • Improve public understanding with 3D visualizations without a need for technical skills
  • Share quantified results to explain alternatives and avoid subjectivity

Overcome the traditional challenges of infrastructure project communication, fostering a transparent, engaged, and
cooperative project environment.

3d visualization
Collaboration tools and commenting system
Data visualization
Hybrid planing underground overground

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