Esri International Infrastructure Management & GIS Conference in Frankfurt

Jan 25, 2024

The Esri Conference takes place in Frankfurt from 08 – 10 April 2024. Gilytics will be there as well and present together with SBB’s Gabriel Hahn on how SBB is making planning processes more efficient by combining the strengths of Gilytics Pathfinder and Esri ArcGIS. Read more on the Esri event homepage.

SBB, the Swiss railway operator with its own electric power grid, employs Pathfinder, a non-code cloud GIS solution, for efficient power line and substation planning. Pathfinder’s rapid routing and siting capabilities streamline the process, allowing SBB to plan new lines or plan replacement of aging infrastructure swiftly. The results seamlessly integrate into ArcGIS Pro through an add-in, ensuring interoperability between the Pathfinder and ArcGIS. This approach significantly accelerates planning processes, enhancing overall efficiency in infrastructure management.

Connect with us so we can meet and exchange experience how our Pathfinder ArcGIS add-in helps our clients to better manage routing and siting processes for infrastructure in Water, Electric, Gas, District Heating and Cooling, Pipeline, Telecom, Transportation and Engineering and Construction.

Join us in Frankfurt, Germany, for the Esri International Infrastructure Management & GIS Conference with professionals from several interconnected industries. Learn more and register here: