What data is needed to use Pathfinder?

GIS data from any source can be used including but not limited to ESRI gdb or PostGIS formats. Cadastral data for land parcels and properties, and DXF data can also be added. Your own data from surveys can also be added.

How are parameters set?

Users set parameters based on local requirements and are given training on how to prepare data for analysis.

Is raster or vector data used?

Both raster and vector data can be used.

Is Pathfinder compatible with other GIS solutions we are already using?

Yes, data can be imported and exported from other tools and analyzed in Pathfinder, so you do not need to change existing processes.

Is Pathfinder only available on the cloud?

Pathfinder can be used on the cloud for optimal speed and on premise if required.

Can overhead and earth cable routes be analyzed?

Both overhead and earth cable routes can be analyzed and combined in one project.

Can offshore routes be analyzed?

Offshore routes can be analyzed depending on data availability.

Can Pathfinder be used for Renewables?

Pathfinder can help to identify where to locate substations and routes to connect projects to the grid.

How does Pathfinder automatically generate routes and can I validate results?

Pathfinder uses user input and spatial data to quickly automate route generation based on user input and can be used to validate results.

How can you customize settings for my country?

You set the resistance values for your country based on local regulatory requirements.

Can you help us with data management?

Gilytics can help you to review data to make it easy to import and analyze data.

Can other kinds of non-spatial data be used?

Drone and satellite images can be used.

How is Pathfinder different from other tools?

Pathfinder is a project management tool using spatial data that is often used later in the project process then similar GIS tools that are more focused on spatial data management.

How can we try Pathfinder?

You can request a free trial account to test Pathfinder or request a live demo or explore a pilot with us testing Pathfinder on your own data.

How much does a license cost?

We offer a range of packages depending on your needs and the number of projects and users at a range of price points.

How do I contact support?

Users can use our support chat to address any issues they have.