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We help energy and engineering companies automate infrastructure planning, routing and monitoring by saving time, money and CO₂ with better data, visuals and communication.

Our Pathfinder Platform can be used in all kinds of linear infrastructure projects to optimize routing of cable, oil and gas, pipe, powerlines, renewables, roads, telecom, transport and water as also by energy agencies and governmental bodies.

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Many users can benefit from Pathfinder

pathfinder 3d overhead lines visualization

Asset Managers

  • Evaluate feasibility of projects early on
  • Perform cost benefit analysis of your project portfolio
project manager

Communication Managers

  • Improve outreach with more visual presentations accessible to non experts
  • Defend your projects with data and metrics
environmental engineers

Environmental Managers

  • Generate all scenarios required to address environmental concerns
  • Present detailed analytics for each option to mitigate risks
gis terrain

GIS Managers

  • Use Pathfinder with complementary to your other GIS solutions
  • Support your team with real time project support