wind engineering

Engineering & Renewables

Improve tenders, routing, siting, operations and project communication for linear infrastructure projects, including power, telecom, water, etc.

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”Pathfinder provides the potential to improve and accelerate planning saving costly time. The more modern 3D visualization is very useful for 3rd party communication”

Head of Data Analytics, DSO

Use Cases

Transmission Line & Lower Voltage Routing

Easily identify corridors and quantitatively identify the best routes.

Earth Cable Routing

Visualization of subsurface utilities data and calculated earth cable paths.

Hybrid planning combining overhead lines and underground cables

Combine overhead and ground cable routing as a result of project and topography restrictions.

Hybrid planing underground overground


Identify where tunnels are more convenient than surface or overhead infrastructure planning.

Sub Station Siting

Determine the optimal location for sub stations for line and cable projects with detailed analysis of local elements such as land parcels, visual impact, and environmental limitations.

powerlines substation

Renewables Grid Connection

Analyze offshore, onshore, overhead, cable, and subsea connections.Also identify the optimal route to connect a renewable plants to the grid.

Railway Electrification

Supporting expansion and modernization of rail networks.

railway infrastructure
Environmental footprint report

Environmental Feasibility Process

Understand and quantify the environmental impacts in the predesign phase for a line or cable project

Site selection for wind and solar

Compare land parcels quantitatively using analytics to identify the best location.

Monteary cost

Cost Estimation for Tenders

Get more accurate tender cost estimations for route and cable connection by quantifying regulatory and environmental risk, CAPEX, OPEX and other constraints.

Investment Feasibility Study

Conduct a fast feasibility study to decide when to invest in a cable, grid, or renewables project by quickly calculating costs and quantifying requirements.

cost planning