Management Policy

The management policy is based on the following statements: 

  • Security of the information: 
    • Confidentiality: guarantee that only authorized persons access the information or service. 
    • Integrity: guarantee that the information or service is presented correctly. 
    • Availability: Meet SLAs and service requirements. 
  • Customer satisfaction. We are committed to their satisfaction. 
  • Compliance with customer, legal and regulatory requirements regarding quality and information security 
  • Continuous improvement. 
  • Leadership. The top management are leading by example. 
  • Participation of people. All people have autonomy and the opportunity to participate actively in the functioning of the Organisation. 
  • Approach based in: 
    • Processes. Customer orientation, improvement of internal communication and teamwork. 
    • From system to management. Interrelation among the processes. 
    • Facts for decision making. We measure, analyse, and make decisions focused to the improvement of the Organisation. 
  • Mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and partners that provide long-term relationships. 

Approved by Stefano Grassi, 25/10/2022