Your geospatial solution for complex infrastructure projects

Unlock streamlined, automated project management with our bespoke technology and SaaS, saving time and fostering greater collaboration and transparency

Quickly calculate, compare, and edit paths and sites to accelerate your project.

lowering the cost

Minimize costly mistakes and save budget

Ensure that your investment in infrastructure projects is optimized, saving you money by automating your infrastructure planning and design

fast speed

Speed up project timelines

Compare multiple scenarios quickly and efficiently with KPIs. Ensure that decision-making is accelerated, and your projects move forward at a faster pace

group discussion and communication icon

Enhanced communication

Allow all stakeholders to get involved with access to data, information, and scenarios. Facilitate open discussions in line with stakeholders’ expectations, and achieve successful outcomes


Data resistance values

Data management

Add your own spatial data or leverage geodata available in Gilytics’ repository covering multiple countries. Ask Gilytics team for more information about global coverage.

  • Add vector and raster data
  • Global elevation and slope map available in Pathfinder
  • Add WFS services
  • Add the data directly from ArcGIS Pro into Pathfinder with our ArcGIS add-in
  • Layer configuration (multiple buffers, filters, etc)
  • Organization by categories
  • Export results in different CAD and GIS-compatible formats
Optimization engine

Optimization engine

Our in-house developed optimization engine helps users to quickly create multiple scenarios, and reduce planning, siting, and routing time from weeks/months to just minutes.

  • Define planning rules and project restrictions (environmental, technical, legal constraints, and compliance in a few clicks)
  • Calculate suitability maps, optimal corridor, and routing-siting alternatives while having a coffee or tea
  • Identify feasibility band and optimal sites
  • Initial pylons spotting
  • Sophisticated optimization algorithms for different construction technologies and use cases (overhead, underground and hybrid routing, substation siting, renewable siting & connection to the grid, etc)
  • Customized Cost models (CAPEX, OPEX, cost per km, etc)
  • System flexibility and API integration
  • Custom development


Multiple analytics give users deeper insights and more quantitive comparisons to assess the viability of the alternatives.

  • Compare alternatives using multiple charts
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Terrain & path elevation profiles
  • Create an automated report
  • Detailed cost analysis
  • Export and share individual charts
3d visualization


Enhance communication with 2D & 3D visualizations and interactive analytical tools. Possibility of integration with augmented reality tools.

  • Route and pylons visualization in 3D
  • Underground assets visualization
  • Integration of reference data (3D buildings, LiDAR, surface models, etc)
  • Multiple background imagery options
  • Google Street View plugin
Transparency and communication

Transparency & collaboration

Share project scenarios and results with other departments and stakeholders. Collect feedback directly into project scenarios, identifying and addressing conflicts early reducing project delays and disputes.

  • Scenarios sharing with the project team
  • Save project scenarios in the catalog and use them as project templates
  • Interactive geo-commenting function

User friendly & interoperability

Easy to use interface that requires NO prior GIS knowledge. Guided project setup and scenario parameter configuration. Seamless integration with GIS and (CAD) tools.

  • Web access: no installation required
  • No GIS experience required
  • Simple integration of planning logic
  • Interoperability with PLS-CAD
  • ArcGIS add-in

Seamless integration

Our routing and siting algorithms can be seamlessly integrated into ArcGIS Pro.

Instantly connect your ArcGIS Pro account with Pathfinder.

ArcGIS add in for Pathfinder

Tennet achieves ultimate accuracy and saves time with Pathfinder

With Pathfinder we can save 3- 6 months planning time on our large projects in Germany. On our initial project, the results from Pathfinder aligned 95% with conventional methods which was great to see.

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