Pathfinder platform for liner infrastructure routing


Pathfinder makes complex projects easier by combining spatial data and user know-how with our modelling on the cloud. Generate multiple scenarios and compare them quickly to find the best fit based on your parameters.

A simple workflow makes Pathfinder easy to use.

  • Identify project data and Import data on the cloud
  • Customize parameters based on your criteria
  • Define multiple scenarios and generate results
  • No GIS experience needed
  • Compare route alternatives quantitatively
  • Path analytics for KPIs
  • Realistic 2D and 3D visuals
user collaboration
  • Review, edit, and share routes with the team
  • Share analysis with stakeholders for feedback
  • Integrate into tools you already use with a simple workflow
  • Add comments to map



Save up to 6 months in planning process

lower cost

Reduce project planning costs up to 20%

dashboard fast

50% faster project performance

stakeholders group

Increased transparency & communication with stakeholders


  • Direct access through the internet, no installation required
  • Easy user-friendly – NO previous GIS knowledge required
  • Guided setup of project region
  • Easy setup of scenario parameters and planning rules
  • Easy GIS layer classification of land suitability
  • Fast routing algorithm (+10 times faster) and scenario generation
  • Flexible and custom creation of complex spatial-mathematical modeling
  • Easy quantitative comparison of multiple scenario results
  • Collaborative multi-user platform for easy exchange of scenarios setup among users
  • Sharing of scenarios with other users
  • Interactive analytical tools included – no need to purchase any additional extensions
  • Easy export of simulation results and analytics compatible with GIS & CAD tools
  • Automated hybrid planning (overhead & underground and tunneling) options – a special mathematical algorithm
  • Multiple and custom cost calculation models available (CAPEX, cost per layer, cost per km, etc.)
  • 3D Visualization and Inspection with multiple visualization of 3D object options (pylon, substations, etc..)
  • Custom report generation in PDF
Spatial Data Management

Compatible with GIS, CAD and other planning software formats with little behavior change or support needed.



  • Natural habitats
  • Bird protection
  • Flora & Fauna protection
  • Bodies of Water
building infrastructure


  • Linear infrastructure
  • Flood areas
  • Geology
  • Slope and elevation model
regulations contract


  • Distances to residential areas
  • Electromagnetic field
  • Bundling
  • Right of way
Input output data management pathfinder scheme
Route Optimization Engine

Customized optimization engine developed with more than 10 yrs of development and testing.


Customized planning and design rules, constraints and regulations for each project

underground infrastructure

Set project parameters for overhead, underground and tunneling infrastructure


Generate multiple corridors and routes for each scenario in a single project 

power tower

Automated pylon spotting based on technical constraints

user collaboration

Save your settings to be used in other projects or to share with other users

power plant

Substation siting

Pylon spotting
Pylon spotting
Multiple routes
Overhead and underground combination
Results Visualization

Visualize your project in 2D and 3D.


2D and 3D visualization integrated into one solution

click heatmap

Risks and heat map of interaction with critical elements of the landscape 

map buffer

Easy spatial data visualization


Interactive visualization when editing path or pylons position

power tower

Visualization of overhead and underground infrastructure 

manual adjustments

Manual adjustment of the path in 3D

3d Visualization
3D Visualization
2d Visualization
2D Visualization
Overhead and underground infrastructure visualization
Hybrid planing underground overground
Hybrid planning
Pylon editing
Interactive visualization with path and pylon editing
Data visualization
Data visualization

Pathfinder allows to compare scenarios with analytics to support decision maker in identifying the best routes.


Custom geoprocesses to model specific constraints (visual impact, slope and terrain analysis, bottom valley, etc.) to be included into the routing algorithm

finance report

Calculate CAPEX, OPEX with custom functions,

environmental impact

Assessment of the environmental and social impact


Interactive analytics when editing path


Generate and export reports and charts automatically

power tower sag

Sag line clearance analysis

Geoprocessing tools
Geoprocessing tools
Monteary cost
Monetary cost
Path elevation profile analytics
Path elevation profile analytics
Visualized analytics
Visualized analytics
On the Cloud

On the Cloud

on the cloud

No installation required

sync and update

Automatically updated with the latest features


Secure data management and easy access to data

user collaboration

Multi-user organization accounts

rocket fast performance

High-performance processing



We offer a free trial and paid subscriptions depending on the features and support you need.