Integrate Pathfinder into common GIS desktop applications

Pathfinder routing services can be integrated with your GIS software
by using our plugin, providing a seamless workflow: 

plugin extension

Get the plugin free of charge and use it with your Pathfinder account.


Easily access your data files or remote services.


Create the routing scenario with one click.

settings parameters

Set and store the routing parameters with a simple interface or a CSV file.

share data

Get back the analysis results (resistance map, corridor map and optimal paths) directly in your table of content of your GIS document for further processing, printing, etc.

pathfinder web application

You can also see your project in the Pathfinder web application and use its advanced analysis and reporting features.

With Pathfinder 3.2, the ArcGIS Desktop plugin is available to ArcMap users.

Coming soon 🙂

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