Compatible with CAD and other planning software formats with little behaviour change or support needed.



  • Protected regions
  • Forests
  • Weather data
  • Bodies of water



  • Buildings
  • Parcels
  • Infrastructure
  • Slope
  • Soil
  • Geology



  • Distances
  • RoW
  • EMF
  • Building effect



  • OPEX
  • Other relavent data Regulatory: right of way, electromagnetic field
  • Any other relavent data impacting design and routing

GIS data from any source
Extraction from satellite images with poor data visibility
ESRI gdb or PostGIS

Cadastral data fro land parels and properties
Add your worn data from surverys

Compatible with CAD and other planning software formats with little behaviour change or support needed

A wide range of formats can be used including but not limited to:

ESRI Shapefiles
ESRI Geodatabase


DXF (export)
PNG, JPG and SVG (export)

Pathfinder Software Features

Pathfinder helps you to get more out of your spatial data by allowing you to customize parameters for each project with the help of our templates.

  • Manage data on the cloud
  • Use existing GIS tools with easy import and export
  • Save templates for projects
  • Cancel processes easily
  • User friendly interface
  • Collaborate with teams and partners

We can help you to collect and manage data to use our Pathfinder Software with our data services.

Let our proven and transparent route optimization engine proven with years of university research and customer input provide the results you need to make better decisions earlier.

  • Generate corridors and routes for grid connection
  • Customize parameters for each project
  • Transparently see how scenarios are generated based on your parameters
  • Quickly generate many scenarios and compare results 
  • Compare multiple paths at once
  • Save or edit parameters to speed up project planning
  • See where to place an overhead line or an earth cable in one project
  • Pylon placement  
  • Include angles in assessment

See your project in 2D and 3D to make editing even easier.

  • Get 2D and 3D visualization integrated into one solution
  • See heat map and risk areas with color coded heat map
  • Easily zoom into corridor to see area in closer detail
  • Show lines, pylons, landowner boundaries with cadastral data
  • Automatic update of visuals when editing path or moving pylons
  • Show rural, urban, projects in realistic detail
  • See overhead lines and underground cables
  • Manual path edit with changes in 3D

Analytics make it possible to compare scenarios with analytics to find the best route for what matters most for your project.

  • Measure CAPEX, OPEX, environmental, social or visual impact
  • Customize parameters using your engineering and regulatory rules and our templates
  • Create unlimited scenarios and compare quantitatively
  • Get real time analytics updated when editing path
  • Generate reports and charts automatically with easy result export
  • Automate topography and slope analysis
  • Cable clearance analysis

Pathfinder Software

Accelerate complex projects by combining spatial data and user know-how with our modelling on the cloud. Generate multiple scenarios and compare them quickly to find the best fit based on your parameters. Let our route optimization engine provide the analytics and visualization needed to help you to get more done.

how can pathfinder help?
Get the Results You Need

Many users can benefit from Pathfinder.

Asset and engineering managers


  • Customize data, evaluation criteria and measure what matters most for each project
  • Get a more precise understanding of costs to see where and when to invest 

Communication managers


  • Improve outreach with more visual presentations accessible to non experts
  • Increase support for projects with more metrics and fewer fines

Environmental managers


  • Get a more detailed view of risks in the landscape
  • Generate all scenarios required to address concerns

GIS managers


  • Easily use the tool with other solutions
  • Customize what to measure for each project