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Pathfinder Tutorials

Pathfinder Tutorial 1:

Create a project and add data

In this tutorial video you will learn how to create projects and add data to the projects in Pathfinder.

Pathfinder Tutorial 2:

Setup simulation scenarios

You will learn how to set up the scenarios to simulate resistance maps and later calculate optimal routes.

Pathfinder Tutorial 3:

Calculating optimal routes

After setting up our routing scenario constraints, we can calculate the corridor map, showing the areas closer to optimal routes, and compute these paths using different options.

Pathfinder Tutorial 4:

Comparing and reporting alternative routes

After calculating the optimal paths for multiple scenarios, we can compare them quantitatively to support the decision-making process, and print a report with the results.

Pathfinder Tutorial 5:

3D visualization and editing of routes

In addition to comparing route alternatives quantitatively, we can also display them in 3D with other reference objects, and adjust manually the pylon location.


Pathfinder Webinar Swissgrid TSO Switzerland

Webinar Learn from Swissgrid about how Pathfinder helps them to optimize planning.

Best Practice Webinar: Pathfinder – Collaborative Energy Infrastructure Planning Platform

In this Best Practice Webinar RGI, Gilytics, and Swissgrid introduced Pathfinder, showing how the tool can adapt to different challenges within the infrastructure planning and design stages, as well as how it can be implemented for TSOs to promote nature-positive energy systems.

Other Videos

Pathfinder Demo

Learn how Pathfinder works in a short introductory video.

Augmented Reality

See how AR can be used to show where a future overhead line project will appear using a tablet or a mobile phone.